Saturday, April 23, 2011

Milestones and Glass Houses

About a month ago I hit my fouth cycle of chemo. That's the halfway mark. It was a big deal to my doctors and to my family and friends. I was excited too, but more anxious than anything.I didnt want to let myself get too excited, from the beginning I've forced myself to be as ready as I can be for bad news. So I didnt want to over celebrate or get anybody's hopes up.

Just recently coming out of a very hard depression, it is really difficult to put down in words how I was feeling. I felt doomed either way. But one thing God has been doing in my life lately is bringing more and more fellow fighters into my world. Kathy has terminal cancer, she always sits across from me at the infusion center. She and her husband used to own the local Sonic. She grins and laughs all the time and every once in a while you can see a bit of fear come through.

Phillip found out that he not only has stage 4 non-hodgkins lymphoma, but also that he has stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma. He's a great guy, very witty, has a beautiful loving family and is very optomistic.

Lisa has stage 4 bone cancer and stage 4 faith. She's an amazing woman who looks life and death right in the eyes and is thankful for all that she has.

April is my age and has breast cancer. To me it seems like she is forever going to get treatment. I dont know how she does it while also getting her Masters Degree. She is always brave and unselfish and full of faith.

Rick is a friend from my church. Not too long after I found out I had lymphoma, so did he. He's a very kind man who loves his family, they arent hard to love.

My mind tries to find a word to classify these people. "Hero" isnt enough. Diamonds in the making. Icons of Strength and Faith and Nobility. The truth is they are just humans but because of their cicrumstances and the actions and reactions to those circumstances they've become, maybe just a little MORE human than the rest of us.

I'm thankful for my milestones and for these extraodinary people God has put in my path. I'm also happy to report that my latest scans have shown significant shrinkage of my tumors. Many are not even there anymore. My biggest tumor is now less than half its original size!

Christ was telling the truth that it only takes faith the size of a mustardseed, because my faith has had its ups and downs, but even at its weakest it helped me to endure and thats what its all about.

Thank you for your enduring prayers and support and mostly for your sincere love. God bless you!

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