Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, I'm happy to announce I only have ONE more cycle of RCHOP to go! What a ride it has been. I can't wait to get this poison out of my system. No more cycles of least thats the plan assuming my scans come back clean, but still, no more RCHOP ever again!

Cancer seems to be an epidemic lately. My small church is full of cancer survivors and fighters. Hardly a day goes by anymore where I don't hear of a friend or an aquaintance getting a cancer diagnosis. Its rough.

I've looked back over this blog and I think of all the things I HAVN'T talked about like trying to get Disability;  the Medicaid Bureaucracy; The endless bills stuffed in your mailbox. I'm still not going to talk about it except to say its the third part of the cycle of sickness' trifecta: Cancer, Chemo and Paperwork. As if the first two weren't hard enough.

I recently visited a friend in the hospital, the same hospital and same floor where I took my first chemo back in January. When his nurse came in to attend to him she said I looked familiar. I told her about my previous visit, but we decided that we couldn't have met then as she isn't chemo-certified. Then she asked me what kind of cancer I had.

"Large cell non-Hodgkins Lymphoma" I said.

 "Do you have a brother who also had cancer?"

"Yeah, I do."

"And did he have the exact same kind?"


"Are you the Daylight Donuts guy?"

"I...used to be, yeah." Daylight Donuts was where I worked while I was saving to take my brother on a post-cancer celebratory Hawaiian vacation.

Her eyes grew wide and she she said "Oh my goodness! EVERYONE on this floor knows your story, its one of the most touching things I've ever heard!"

I cant believe how far I've come. Cancer throws so much on you and takes so much from you all at once and it takes a while to find your footing. I'm amazed at what God has done with my life. I see the cycles and I see the effects, the growth. I'm grateful.

One more cycle to go....


Anonymous said...

Hey! I could save up for a bus ticket to GA. Hitch a cab ride to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts...then surprise you with an umbrella drink. We could pretend it's Hawaii!!! :) ~Heather

Jeremy S. Potter said...

hey that works for me Heather!